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About Our School

Capistrano Virtual School and Capistrano Home School are Capistrano Unified School District's kindergarten through eighth-grade independent study programs. The curriculum for both programs is aligned with the Capistrano Unified School District's course of study and instructional calendar, as well as the standards and frameworks developed by the California Department of Education.

Capistrano Virtual/Home School combines strong educational curriculum with personalized instructional support.  The program enables students to continue their education in an alternative setting by entering into an independent study contract.  A fully-credentialed CUSD teacher is assigned to each student and provides support to the family.  Capistrano Virtual/Home School is a free public school which is guided by both the California Education Codes and the Capistrano Unified School District's Board Policies.

We welcome you and encourage you to call or stop by the Capistrano Virtual School office with any questions.

Please look over our website for more information, or call (949) 234-9374.