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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in Capistrano Virtual/Home School?

Any kindergarten through eighth grade student residing within Capistrano Unified may enroll at Capistrano Virtual/Home School.  If you reside outside the district and would like to enroll, you will need to complete interdistrict transfer paperwork with your current district of residence.

If your child is a special education student with a current IEP, California Education Code requires that an IEP team consent to an independent study placement.  Contact your school's IEP team prior to enrolling in Capistrano Virtual/Home School.


How much does it cost?

Capistrano Virtual/Home School is a public school operated by Capistrano Unified School District and is free.


How do I enroll?

Once registration paperwork has been completed, families attend a mandatory orientation which lasts about two hours.  During the orientation, the program is thoroughly explained, policies, procedures and requirements are shared, and you receive everything you will need to get started.  Call our office to schedule your mandatory orientation.   The number is 949-234-9374.  You can download the enrollment paperwork from the REGISTRATION  section of this website prior to the orientation to save time.

What does Capistrano Virtual/Home School provide?

The Support of a Fully-Credentialed CUSD Teacher-Once you enroll your child, you are assigned a teacher/advisor.  Your teacher is very familiar with the grade level curriculum and will help you understand how to navigate through your courses.  You can contact your teacher through e-mail, phone calls and visits to the office.  You will also meet with your teacher at various conferences.

Workshops, Excursions and Special Events-Capistrano Virtual/Home School provides a variety of workshops for different grade levels throughout the year.  Workshop topics vary each month and may include reading, writing, art, social studies, science and math.  In addition, Capistrano Virtual School provides on-site math support for middle school students and monthly science labs for students.  Family excursions are scheduled each month and are a great opportunity for your child to interact with other students.

Access to Your Neighborhood School-Capistrano Virtual/Home School students have the option of taking some classes at their neighborhood school of residence.  In elementary school, students can participate in music and art programs at the school site.  In middle school, students can take up to two classes at the school site.


We plan to travel.  Can I use the online program and be gone for long periods of time?

Yes.  Capistrano Virtual/Home School is designed to meet the needs of our traveling families.


How much time does online schooling through Capistrano Virtual/Home School require?

We recommend that parents plan on an hour per subject, per day.  One of the advantages of independent study is that families can flex their time around activities or interests.


What if my child is an advanced learner or a learner who struggles?

We are able to make some adjustments to course content to meet students needs.


How is course placement determined?

We are a C.U.S.D. school and follow all district guidelines for course placement.