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Math Information - Grades 6-8

Math Final Exams

Math final exams are optional for the following courses:

  • Math6 (tracking to Math7)
  • Math7 (tracking to Math8)
  • Math8 (tracking to Algebra1)


Math final exams are required for the following courses:

  • Math 6 requesting placement into Math7Acc
  • Math 7 requesting placement info Algebra1 (two tests required.)
  • Math7Acc
  • Algebra1
  • Geometry

Scores are used to determine math placement (at CUSD schools) for the following school year.


Test results and math placement will be reported on School Loop. Be sure to register for School Loop so you will be able to view this information.

Testing Sessions

Testing schedules are as follows:

Thursday, June 2nd Session 1: 11:00am Session 2: 12:30
Friday, June 3rd Session 3: 10:00am   Session 4: 11:30



Study Guides can be downloaded at


Scroll down and find your correct guide under "2015-16 END-OF-COURSE FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDES"


If you would like a hard copy, please email Mrs. Rose at and a hard copy will be placed in your student's mailbox.

Study Guide HELP

Most downloaded study guides will include a key on the last page. Students (or a parent) SHOULD use the key to grade the study guide and have students review and work to understand the missed problems.


An ungraded study guide IS NOT a good use of studying!!!



Study guide VIDEO EXPLANATIONS will be available!!!

Video explanations are linked below. 

To request a solution that isn't linked, click here.


In person help is available in the open lab on 5/31 9-2 with Mrs. Rose and 6/1 9-2 with Mrs. Gruenewald.

Video solutions by Mrs. Rose!!!!